The tragedy of migration depicted in a 58-meter painting

In a 58-metre painting, 13 painters depicted the Turkish state's 58-day occupation of Afrin, the people's resistance, and the migration.

The residents of Afrin, who fought the Turkish state's invasion attacks for 58 days, have very sad stories to tell. With their 58-meter artwork, the Social Affairs and Work Committee depicts the hardships and sufferings of the people of Afrin, who were forced to flee their homeland following the Turkish state's annexation.

In the painting, the Social Affairs and Labor Committee represents four stages of life in Afrin.

The first stage is the time before the invasion when everyone in Afrin lived in peace.

The second stage is the start of the Turkish state's invasion attacks on the region and the people's resistance, which lasted 58 days.

The third stage is the post-migration resistance of the Afrin people in Shehba.

The fourth stage is the journey back to Afrin.


The Social Affairs and Work Committee member Hêvîn Şemiya spoke to ANF about the project.

Şemiya stated that they made this project with the name 'The story of the olive country' to tell the 5 years of migration and occupation. She continued, "With this project, we hoped to bring to the attention of the entire world our people's struggle and anguish, as well as the brutality of the Turkish regime. The painting depicts Afrin's reality. An 8-year-old boy was one of the 13 painters that worked on this piece. 'I used the children who died in the Til Rifet tragedy as a starting point,' he explained. My aunt's son was one of them. Before the occupation, the residents of Afrin lived in peace and tranquillity. The people of Afrin, like all other peoples, want to live on their own land, with their own language, culture, and identity. That is why the Turkish state's occupation must end immediately. Everyone must respond to this assault so that the people of Afrin can return to their lands.”