Turkmen association to be opened in Manbij

The Turkmen people living in Manbij are opening an association to promote Turkmen culture in the region.

Turkmens in Manbij are preparing to open an association to promote Turkmen culture in the region. The next week, April 25, it will be opened.

Emel Dada, from the association's leadership, described their goal as "to create an environment in which the Turkmen population can come together and create a basis for the life of their own culture and language". She said: "We want Turkmen traditions threatened by oblivion breathe new life. Much of the Turkmens in Manbij know neither their language nor their tradition."

Emel Dada reports that there should also be Turkmen language classes, which can also be attended by Kurds and Arabs: "This will strengthen the relationship between Manbij people."

The association will also perform social work and expand beyond Manbij: "In the future, the work of the association will not remain limited to Manbij, we will work in the whole of northern Syria. We will contact the Turkmens in other regions and cantons and work to revive Turkmen culture."