Balance sheet of Turkish bombings since morning hours

The invading Turkish state is bombing Hesekê, Qamishlo, Kobanê, Girê Spî, Manbij cantons and villages of Sherawa in Afrin. Attacks have killed civilians and injured several others, while material damage is also reported.

Last night, the invading Turkish state bombed the villages of Qirmane and Çetil, west of Dirbesiye district of Heseke canton, and Cirnik village, west of Amude district of Qamishlo canton.

The vicinity of the Sotoro Syriac Forces Academy in the village of Rutan, located in the west of the Tirbespiye district of the Qamishlo canton, was also bombed by the Turkish army.

A child named Temîm Feysel Hamid (11) was injured during the Turkish bombing in the Zirgan district of Heseke canton.

The invading Turkish army also bombed Guzeliyê, Til Leben, Um Xêr and the Assyrian villages of Til Tawîl, Selmase and Tawîle, located in the west of the Til Temir district.

Apart from the bombings in many places in the Cizire region, the invading Turkish army targeted the villages of Erîda, Leqliqo, Sawan, Xirbet Beqir, and Goberlik in the occupied Girê Spî canton with heavy weapons.

The invading Turkish army targeted the centre and surrounding areas of Kobanê with heavy artillery fire. It also bombed the western and eastern villages of Kobanê.

The Turkish forces also bombed the villages of Botan, Siftek, Seylim, Aşme and Beyadiye, which are close to the border, as well as the town of Upper Şexler, opposite of Jarabulus and east of the Euphrates River. Following the bombings, Ebid Mihemed Hecî (12) was martyred in the village of Zorava, west of Kobanê, and Ebid Xelef (40) and Merwa Hemdo (40) from the village of Seftik were injured. Furthermore, a child named Xelîl Cîhad Şêxo (2) and a teenager named Ela İbo (19) were injured.

The invading Turkish state also bombed the villages of Xirabîsan, Qeremox, Goran, Hîho, Elîşar, Mersmîl (Merc Îsmaîl) and the Kaniya Kurdan neighbourhood in the east of Kobane.

According to reports, the Turkish state shelled Kobane from its military posts at the border, opposite the city.

In Manbij, the invading Turkish state bombed the villages of Cat, Masî and Hoseriyê in the northeast of the city with howitzes. A total of 14 howitzer shells have hit these villages so far.

Furthermore, the villages of Bene, Soxanek and Qinetra in the Sherewa district in occupied Afrin were shelled by the Turkish military.