Police in Istanbul take thirteen people into custody over Ikizdere protest

Thirteen people were taken into custody in Istanbul when police attacked the Youth Movement Coordination protest in front of Cengiz Holding to protest the nature pillage in Ikizdere.

The Youth Movement Coordination held a press conference in front of Cengiz Holding in Üsküdar standing by the people in Ikizdere who wants to protect nature and whose protests have been banned by the Rize Governorate on the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic. Thirteen members of the Youth Movement Coordination were taken into custody when police attacked the concentration.

Youth Movement Coordination spokesperson Ece Köroğlu protested the action and march bans brought under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic and underlined that the decisions and circulars taken by the Governorship are not superior to the Constitution.

Köroğlu said: "A statement came from the Rize Governorship banning actions and protests because of the coronavirus preventive measures. So, when it comes to Ikizdere, normalization is over?”

In the action held in front of Cengiz Holding, the messages sent by two Ikizdere villagers were also read.

The messages said: "(Ikizdere villager Ismet) We live thanks to the Eskencidere Valley. Cengiz Holding: Hands off our valley. You cannot destroy our valley to earn money.

(Ikizdere villager Zeynep) As in other place there is no basalt stone, there is no Eskencidere Valley other than here."