SDF Commander Efrîn: SDF will finish off ISIS

SDF Commander Ednan Efrîn stated that a larger part of the Baghouz village has been liberated and ISIS has been cornered in an area of 2 square kilometers.

Suffering deadly blows in the battle with the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Northern Syria, ISIS mercenaries are trying to create conflicts in the areas liberated by SDF through suicide attacks, detonation of mines heavily planted in the battle zones and sleeper cells.

Speaking to ANF, Ednan Efrîn, a commander for the SDF, said the following when asked if ISIS would finish after the liberation of Baghouz; “We cannot say that ISIS will end. Even if ISIS is rendered ineffective in military regard, they will continue their presence in the region for a longer while in terms of ideas and mentality.”

The SDF Commander continued; “ISIS might have been eliminated in military and organizational regards, but it might still try to gather itself together and emerge under different names. There are thousands of people who have a sense of belonging to ISIS and they dream of a return. We have estimations and calculations to prevent their re-emergence.”

Remarking that ISIS is about to be finished off as SDF makes further advances, Efrîn continued; “For this reason, ISIS is carrying out attacks every single day. They mingle with civilians, dress like civilians and conduct attacks.”

Regarding the rescue of local population, SDF Commander said that; “We can finish off ISIS in a shorter time but they are holding thousands of civilians captive and using them as human shields. This is why we are acting with utmost attention and trying to rescue them without any harm.”

SDF Commander Ednan Efrîn noted that the civilians that have been rescued by SDF through security corridors have been settled in Hajin and a few villages under SDF control, adding; “There are no safe areas for return at the moment because hundreds of mines are yet to be cleared and defused. Once this mission is completed, people will be able to return home easily.”