The time of the reverse tulip in Hakkari

The reverse tulip is blooming once again in the Hakkari mountains. This peculiar flower appears in the spring and has one month life.

Reverse tulip, known with names such as Guldexwîn or Gula Xemgîn in Kurdish, grows in the mountains of Hakkari, Batman, Van, Bitlis and Erzurum. Despite being under protection, it is increasingly disappearing.

The reverse tulip, which is collected in the mountains, is sold for 1 lira, primarily in the center and districts of Hakkari. In the past, it was possible to see thousands of them in every corner of the mountains, however this is not the case anymore. 

The reverse tulip, which can grow at an altitude of between 500 and 3000 meters, has been the subject of many stories and legends.

It is called weeping tulip because drops of clear water fall every morning from the flower. "Crying Bride" is the name given by those who believe that when Jesus was crucified, the flower grew from the tears of the Virgin.

It is called Guldexîn among the people. It is also considered a sacred flower by Christians.