Turkish army and mercenaries burn olive trees in Afrin

The invading forces have reportedly burned the trees on a 2 hectare land in Rajo district of Afrin.

The occupant Turkish army and allied mercenaries that have occupied Afrin do not only commit atrocities against the local people, but also change the demography of the region and destroy the nature.

According to local sources, the invading forces have burned 2500 olive, grape and pomegranate trees in the village of Edamo in Afrin’s Rajo district.

Reports suggest that the mercenaries have also seized the wheat fields of a resident named Abdulrehman İsmail in the village of Eltaniye. The man was then exiled to Turkey and his fields were set on fire.

The occupant forces had previously burned the fields and trees of people in Etman village in Rajo region.