German government accomplice to Turkish occupation?

The German government must not become an accomplice of Erdogan's criminal occupation policy, demands Left Party member Ulla Jelpke after Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Istanbul.

During her visit to Istanbul on Friday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel signaled her readiness to provide further assistance to the Erdoğan regime. The German government wants to examine how Turkey can be supported in its occupation zone in northern Syria.

"Turkey is invading neighbouring countries, occupying parts of northern Syria and carrying out massive expulsions there. These are facts that should bring the despot Erdogan before a war crimes tribunal and not at the negotiating table. But Chancellor Merkel is making herself an accomplice to this policy by offering help to the Al-Qaeda emirate Idlib, which is under Turkish protection, and even offering financial support for the construction of houses in the occupied territories in northern Syria. Helping an occupying force in an occupied territory in violation of international law is no less a crime than the occupation itself", comments the domestic policy spokeswoman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group, Ulla Jelpke on the results of the meeting between Chancellor Merkel and the Turkish regime leader Erdogan.

Ulla Jelpke further states: "The Federal Government is only too willing to respond to Erdogan's blackmail attempts with the help of the refugee deal. Because it wants an authoritarian Turkish regime that erects a lethal border at the EU's external borders and interns refugees. By remaining silent on the continued expulsion of the population in the occupied territories in northern Syria by Turkey's jihadist mercenaries and now even offering the prospect of financing Turkish settlement policy, the German government is contributing to the creation of ever new causes of flight. Instead of supporting the democratic self-government of Northern Syria in accommodating people seeking protection from other parts of Syria, the German government is helping a dictator who is directly responsible for the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Kurds, Arabs and Assyrians from Northern Syria.”