HRE: 4 Turkey-backed mercenaries killed in retaliatory actions against Turkish attacks

Afrin Liberation Forces announced that 4 Turkey-backed mercenaries were killed and 2 more injured during the actions they carried out on August 14-17: “We will not let the invasion attacks go unanswered and will protect our people from any attack."

In a statement on Friday, the Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) released the details of the actions they carried out against the occupying forces in Mabeta and Shera districts of Afrin.

“In response to the increasing attacks of the Turkish state, our forces carried out a series of actions based on self-defence principles on August 14-17,” said the statement, providing the following details:

“On August 14, two Turkey-backed mercenaries were killed in an action carried out in the district of Mabeta.

On August 17, two Turkey-backed mercenaries were killed, and two others were injured in an action carried out in the vicinity of the village of Meryemîne in Shera.

The two actions by our forces left 4 mercenaries dead and 2 others injured. As the Afrin Liberation Forces, we will continue to retaliate against the invasion attacks and protect our people against all kinds of attacks,” the statement concluded.

The Hêzên Rizgariya Efrînê (HRE) was founded in 2018 after the occupation of Afrin by Turkey. With the aim of liberating the region from the occupiers, the resistance group carries out targeted actions against the Turkish troops and their jihadist mercenaries. The displaced people from Afrin are subjected to constant attacks. Most recently, nine people were injured in a Turkish drone attack in Tel Rifat on 4 August, including six children and young people.