Images from Serêkaniyê hospital, targeted by Turkish bombs

ANF ​​correspondents Ersin Çaksu and Ruken Cemal sent out a report from the hospital of Serêkaniyê which has been heavily bombed by the Turkish attacks.

The Turkish occupation attacks that began on 9 October targeted in particular the city of Serêkaniyê.

The city has been heavily bombed deliberately targeting civilians. There is strong evidence that chemical weapons were used.

On Wednesday night, Serêkaniyê hospital was bombed. ANF ​​correspondents Ersin Çaksu and Ruken Cemal, who managed to reach the hospital despite the very difficult conditions, reported that two large-scale attacks were launched.

The attacks were foiled to some extent, but the hospital continued to be targeted.

Çaksu said: "This is the only hospital in Serêkaniyê. In addition to extremely challenging conditions and limited facilities, hospital staff treat the wounded under the constant threat of bombing."

During the third attack, Çaksu was in the hospital. He said that the hospital was under the protection of the Domestic Security Forcens and self-defense units. 

Çaksu recalled: "Gunfire was becoming more and more intense. A fighter was shooting from one of the hospital windows. Other fighters were positioned above the hospital. Suddenly, a wounded person was brought to the hospital and treated immediately. There were noises outside. The smell of gunpowder covered that of the hospital. Bullets hit some windows. Pieces of glass on the floor."

‘These attacks are against civilians’

Çaksu continued: "A health-care professional working between gunshots and bomb shots says the attack was not only aimed at YPG and YPJ fighters, but at civilians. He's wearing a green apron. Next to him is a male health worker. Since the electricity is cut off, he wanders around with a lamp attached to his head.

A female health personnel said that in Serêkaniyê women, children, civilians are the target. Health personnel, public health workers will continue to operate until the end, she said."

One of the American doctors at the hospital said the ambulances were targeted during the transplant of the wounded from the hospital.

Stating that they could not transport many of the wounded due to these attacks and that people lost their lives because they did not receive the necessary treatment, Rosen demanded that the Turkish planes stop targeting civilian convoys.