ISIS member: I was assigned to poison SDF fighters

A Syrian gang member was assigned by the Turkish intelligence service to mix poison in the food of the SDF units. The SDF was able to arrest him before he did his job.

The Turkish state continues its aggression against northern and eastern Syria by various methods. After the military victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over the "Islamic State" (ISIS), the sleeper cells of the terrorist organization in the region have been activated.

During special operations of the SDF and YPG in the Euphrates region, several persons have been identified in recent weeks who are in contact with the Turkish secret service (MIT) and the ISIS. They have made extensive statements about the machinations of MIT in the region. Their missions included assassination attempts on notables in the region, abducting and torturing civilians using the uniforms of SDF, YPG and self-defense forces in an attempt to discredit them.

Isa Abdulfatah Hemud was captured in Raqqa a month and a half ago. His statements prove the dirty methods used by the Turkish state. He was assigned to join the SDF to add poison to their food. The order was given to him by a man named Abu Hala, who lives in Turkey and has accepted Turkish citizenship. Hemud was threatened that his family would be murdered if he resisted the order.

Rent for one-hour border opening: $ 32,000

Hemud is from Aleppo and claims to have gone to Turkey over Idlib in 2016 to work in Istanbul with his uncle. There he met Abu Hala, who also came from Syria and proposed to him to work in the border trade between Idlib and Turkey.

"I went to Hatay to work on the border. I was one day in Turkey and one day in Syria. We brought goods and people across the border continuously. The amount was negligible, only time was important. Each hour cost $ 32,000. If you gave $ 32,000, the border crossing was yours for an hour, and you were free to bring goods and people across the border," tells Hemud.

According to Hemud, the border crossing used in this way was located a few kilometers from the border control point Cilvegözü (Bab al-Hawa). Responsible there was a Turkish officer named Emrah. "It was not an official transition. Vehicles did not come through, only people and goods. Abu Hala took care of the rental. We brought people and things close to the border from both sides, and when our time came we brought them across the border.”

Death threat to the family

Hemud says he got into trouble with Abu Hala in June 2018 and stopped working. He went back to his family in Aleppo. There he was called by Abu Hala after a while: "He asked me about military bases and the state of the local military forces. He was now calling me frequently, and finally he wanted me to go to Raqqa, join the SDF, and work for him. When I refused, he showed me photos of our house and my family in Aleppo. He threatened me that every day a member of my family would be murdered if I did not do what he said.”

Hemud then went to Raqqa. Abu Hala again contacted him by phone, saying that an SDF training program for new fighters is about to begin and he should enroll. Later, Abu Hala sent him various medicines through a woman to mix into the food of the SDF fighters. He was arrested before he could carry out this mission.

Abu Hala works with MIT

According to Hemud, Abu Hala is from Daraa, has been living in Ankara for a long time and has taken Turkish citizenship with his family: "He is very rich. He has a large restaurant near the bus station in Ankara. In Hatay he has a bus company. He works with the Turkish secret service.”