Musical movie 'Stranên Keziya Sor' shot in North-East Syria to be released tomorrow

'Stranên Keziya Sor', the first musical movie shot in North and East Syria, will be screened in many centers tomorrow.

'Stranên Keziya Sor', the first musical film shot in Northern and Eastern Syria, prepared in cooperation with Hîlala Zêrîn Culture and Art Women's Movement, Mesopotamia Culture and Art Movement, Pargin Cultural Institute and Welat Art, will be screened in many centers on 3 March.

The trailer of the musical movie, which tells the history of the international women's struggle and consists of seven parts, has been released.

The musical, which also tells the story of Kurdish women fighters' struggle against ISIS, features female figures such as Sakine Cansız, Rosa Luxemburg, Jîna Mahsa Amini, Arin Mîrkan, Leyla Qasim and Zarîfe Xanim.

The musical-movie took seven months to prepare, with 200 people taking part in the filming. Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Armenian and internationalist actors took part in the movie.

Directed by Şêro Hindê, the script was written by Delîl Mîrsaz and the music composed by Mehmûd Berazî.

The musical movie will be screened simultaneously in Heseke, Qamishlo, Raqqa, Kobanî and Shehba on March 3 and will be broadcast on Jin TV on the same day.