Turkish attacks in South Kurdistan protested in Europe

The attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan were protested by actions organized in various countries of Europe.

The attacks carried out by Turkey against South Kurdistan were protested in Hildesheim, Freiburg, Drancy, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Toulouse.


An action was held in the city center of Hildeshim. The action was organised in Angouleme Square where a banner saying "Stop Turkey and the aggressive war planned by militia" was opened.

Activists were holding TEV-DEM flags and wearing green, red and yellow masks.


Kurds came together in Alte Synagoge in Freiburg to read a press statement. The fascist Turkish state's attacks on Kurdish values ​​in all parts of Kurdistan, especially Rojava and Bashur, and the KDP betrayal were condemned.


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in Nuremberg, Germany.

Kurdish and the German activists gathered in front of Lorenzkirsche, and delivered hundreds of leaflets, displaying banners which read "Turkish army get out of Kurdistan", "Terrorist Turkish state, terrorist AKP", "Yesterday Afrin, today South Kurdistan. Don't remain silent about occupation".

The statement in Kurdish, English and German condemned the war launched by Turkey and its occupation plans in particular against Zîni Wartê. Activists also condemned the ongoing embargo on Maxmur.


The attacks of the Turkish state against South Kurdistan were protested in Frankfurt.


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in Berlin. Kurdish people gathered in Alexanderplatz protested the Turkish attacks against South Kurdistan, Maxmur Camp and Rojava.

Activists demanded that all prisoners be released. PYD Berlin branch, DESTDAN Women's Council and Ciwanen Şoreşger activists from Navenda Civaka Kurdistan Azad Assembly joined the action.

Speaking here, Die Linke (Left Party) Berlin State Deputy Hakan Tas pointed out that the Turkish state's attacks on Kurds increased at a time when the world is mobilizing to fight the coronavirus.


A demonstration was staged in front of the station in Esslinge. Organed by the Kurdish Revolutionary Youth movement TCŞ, the action condemned the attacks of the Turkish state as well as the embargo imposed on Maxmur camp.


The attacks of the Turkish state were protested in Paris.

Photos of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan were put up in front of the historical arch near Paris DKTM (Democratic Community Center).

Activists said in a their speeches that "While the world is dealing with this coronavirus, the Kurdish people are also dealing with a second disease." The activists condemned the attacks launched by Turkey in South Kurdistan and the KDP which is playing a part in these attacks. 


In Drancy a group of Tevgera Ciwanên Şoreşger (TCŞ) and Jinên Ciwanên Azad (JCA) activists protested the attacks on South Kurdistan. "During the coronavirus period, Erdogan carried out many attacks on Kurds, Maxmur and Zînî Wertê. Three women died in the attack on April 15 [on Maxmur Camp]."


In Toulouse young people protested the attacks of the Turkish state with an action of civil disobedience.

The group opened a banner in French saying "Killer Erdogan, collaborationist KDP".


An action was also held to protest the Turkish occupation of South Kurdistan in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Paris.



In Marseille GBV activists protested the attacks of the Turkish state with a civil disobedience action and closed the road.