16 institutions in Urfa condemn arrest of 16 journalists in Amed

16 institutions in Urfa made a joint statement to condemn the arrest of 16 journalists in Amed and called for the journalists to be released as soon as possible.

16 institutions in Urfa, including civil society organizations, professional organizations and political parties, have issued a written statement to condemn the detention of 16 journalists in Amed.

The statement said: "Freedom of the press is one of the indispensable elements of a democratic society. Any interference with the press is a direct intervention against society. Where there is freedom of the press, there is the rule of law, where there is the rule of law, there is freedom of the press.”

The statement said that the signatories support the public's right to receive unbiased information and issued a call for the immediate release of the arrested journalists.

The institutions that signed the statement are: Urfa Bar Association, Urfa Medical Chamber, Urfa KHK Solidarity, 78's Solidarity and Research Association Urfa Branch, Human Rights Association (İHD) Urfa Branch, Mesopotamia Writers Association Urfa Representative, Lawyers Association for Freedom (ÖHD) Urfa Branch, TMMOB Urfa Provincial Coordination Board, KESK Urfa Branches Platform, Alevi Culture Associations Urfa Branch, Rights Initiative Urfa Representative, Life House Women's Solidarity Association, Labor Party (EMEP) Urfa Provincial Organization, Future Party Urfa Provincial Presidency, Peoples' Democratic Party ( HDP) Urfa Provincial Organization, Turkish Workers Party (TIP) Urfa Provincial Organization.