40 cases of violations against women journalists documented in October

Types of violations include detentions, legal harassment, and physical assaults in the field.

Throughout the month of October 2021, The Coalition for Women In Journalism documented 40 cases of violations against women journalists. Types of violations include detentions, legal harassment, and physical assaults in the field, among other various kinds of press freedom attacks towards women journalists reporting from different parts of the world. 

At least 19 journalists faced physical assault, including in Turkey where the police physically assaulted 12 women journalists covering student protests in İstanbul.

One journalist received threats in Canada.

One journalist was expelled from work in the United States.

One woman journalist was attacked in the field in Turkey where journalist Büşra Taşkıran was restricted by the police during their street interview in Ankara.

One case of threats and intimidation came to light in Kazakhstan.

Seven cases of legal harassment were recorded in Russia and Turkey.

One woman journalist faced online harassment in Argentina.

At least six faced an organized troll campaign in Canada.

One woman journalist faced a sexist attack in Russia.

One woman journalist had to confront sexual harassment in the United Kingdom.

One woman faced a racist attack in the United States.

Two women journalists faced verbal harassment in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pakistan.

As the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists approaches, the CFWIJ stresses that while the attacks on journalists go unpunished, attacks on women journalists often also go unnoticed.

“The CFWIJ stands against all kinds of violations faced by women journalists across the globe. We extend support to women journalists, who face double persecution because of both their gender and their reportage.”