Belgian media: Raids on Kurdish media carried out at the request of France

According to the Belgian daily De Standart, the police raids on Kurdish media were carried out at the request of France.

In a report about the police raid on Kurdish TV studios in Denderleeuw, Belgian newspaper De Standart stated that the raid was confirmed by the federal prosecutor's office and carried out at the request of France.

The newspaper quoted the comments of Orhan Kılıç from the Kurdish association Navbel, saying that Belgium was trying to "criminalise" Kurdish TV channels.

"Such a raid has a connection with the Turkish state," Kılıç said, noting that independent Kurdish journalists were also detained in Turkey.

"We do not think that what happened here is separate from the police actions in Turkey," Kılıç said.

The newspaper also included the press statement made by Medya Haber TV and Stêrk TV during the day.

In recent months, France has escalated its arbitrary and illegal repression of Kurds. Three Kurds were detained in a piratical manner with their hands tied and handed over to Turkey. All three Kurds were arrested. Among them were Kurdish refugees who had no deportation order against them.

At the same time as the raids on Kurdish media in Belgium, French police raided the Democratic Kurdish Community Centre in the suburb of Drancy in the Paris region and detained 6 Kurds.