Dicle Firat Association: 63 journalists in prison in September

The journalists' association Dicle Firat has published a report on the current situation of press freedom in Turkey and a list of imprisoned media workers. The number rose to 63 in September.

The journalists' association Dicle Firat (DFG) published its "September report on attacks against journalists" in Turkey on Tuesday.

According to this, the number of journalists imprisoned rose to 63 last month. 

The association said that the attacks against media workers remain widespread and show no signs of abating. The DFG underlined that "despite numerous challenges, journalists continue to maintain the integrity of their profession and defend the public's right to information."

The report continued: "The violations against the lives and safety of journalists continued. They were threatened, mistreated and often prevented from following the news. Most violations of the right to freedom of expression are committed against journalists."

In September, trials took place against a number of imprisoned journalists. Four media workers were sent to prison, bringing the number of journalists in custody to 63.

Among them is Dicle Müftüoğlu, the co-chair of the DFG. The indictment against her was issued at the end of September and a trial date has not yet been confirmed. In a similar situation is Sedat Yilmaz, the editor of the Mezopotamya (MA) agency.

The report also said that the trials of detained journalists Abdurrahman Gök, M Şah Oruç, Remzi Akkaya and Hamdullah Bayram, "unfortunately resulted in none of them being released." More information about Merdan Yanardağ, the Director General of Tele 1 television channel, is expected in early October. He is in custody for his comments on Abdullah Öcalan. The association's report said that "in September, access to 164 social media content and 268 articles was restricted."