Free Press in North and East Syria held seminar in Qamishlo

The workshop was attended by the representatives of the press and academics in the region.

The Free Press Association (YRA) organized its 1st Written Press Workshop in Qamishlo. 

The workshop was organised at the Zana Hall in Qamishlo and was attended by the representatives of the press and academics in the region.

YRA Co-chair Evîn Yûsif made a speech about the role and objectives played by the media in the current process.

In the first part of the workshop, a seminar was given by YRA on Kurdish press history and the Kurdish press in Rojava. The second part was a seminar on the Arabic written press in Northern and Eastern Syria and the obstacles it faced.

The workshop ended with a final declaration which reads as follows:

"The Free Press Association (YRA) 1st Written Press Workshop was held in Qamishlo and attended by a large number of press representatives and academics.

Seminars were given on the obstacles faced by the Kurdish and Arabic press.

Following the seminars and discussions, the following conclusions were reached:

* More attention should be paid to the papers and journals published in mother tongue for children. In addition, families should refer children to primary school.

* Authorized institutions, especially the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration, should provide more support to newspapers and magazines.

* Political parties should use their mother tongue in their official work.

* According to the press rules, a special dictionary should be prepared.

* Reading culture and libraries as well as publishing houses should be developed.

* The rights of journalists and writers should be protected.

* Necessary laws should be enacted for the development of printed media.

* A special department on Kurdish printed media should be opened at Rojava University.

* New relations should be developed between newspaper and magazine and public and social institutions. ”