HDP's Başaran: Oruç case reveals media are puppets of the AKP

HDP Law and Human Rights Commission spokesperson, Ayşe Acar Başaran, reacted to the media targeting journalist Aziz Oruç.

HDP Law and Human Rights Commission spokesperson Ayşe Acar Başaran said in a written statement today: "Aziz Oruç is a journalist. What the government is doing to the media is immoral."

Başaran added: "Journalist Aziz Oruç was detained together with HDP Dogubayazit co-chair Abdullah Ekelek last week. After their detention, the ruling media started to smear the two and our party."
Basaran stressed that the ruling media are puppets of the AKP-MHP government.

"This is the real issue" said Başaran, adding: "The family of Aziz Oruç called our representative at 3 am and told him that Oruç had been left in Armenia, his shoes and jacket taken from him and that he had come to Doğubayazıt district on barefoot, and that he had been in danger of freezing."

Furthermore, said Başaran, "there was no transfer to a safe place as alleged in the news, and Oruç was taken into custody while he was on his way to the prosecutor's office in Diyarbakır with his lawyer. This nonsense and lies reflect neither the professional ethics of journalism nor the reality of what the writer has heard from the HDP."