Journalist Karakoç thanks everyone for their support

Journalist Serdar Karakoç, who was detained following an extradition request to Germany and later released on parole, thanked everyone who supported the free media and drew attention to the importance of the fight against oppression.

Journalist Serdar Karakoç, who was detained from his home by the Dutch police on 23 May upon Germany's extradition request, was conditionally released on 14 June. During Karakoç's detention, many journalists, politicians and rights defenders published statements protesting the pressures on the free press.

Making a statement after his being released on parole, journalist Karakoç said: “First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to friendly and democratic institutions and personalities, especially my colleagues who are free media workers, for their support and messages of solidarity during my detention period.”

The message continued: “Attacks on the Free Media have always existed as a part of our struggle since the 1990s. In Europe, free media institutions have recently been targeted with policies that are an extension of the Turkish state's oppression. Our people and their friends know the forces and their purposes that carry out these operations, and they know well how hostile they are to the struggle for freedom of the oppressed peoples.”

The message added: “The source of our life and the action we know best, which is covered for the purpose of freedom against these forces and their attacks, that is, our resistance in every field. We will continue it inside and outside. We will always follow our claim of freedom, peace and democracy.

I call on all our people, our people's friends and revolutionary democratic circles to expand the struggle by raising their reactions against the attacks on the Free Media, and I would like to once again express my gratitude to everyone who has given their support."

Karakoç's extradition case will be heard on 24 July. The journalist is subject to weekly signatures until the trial day.