Journalist Mir Ali Koçer summoned to testify for social posts on earthquake

Journalist Mir Ali Koçer was summoned to testify on the grounds of his social media posts about the earthquakes in Maraş.

Journalist Mir Ali Koçer was charged with "publicly disseminating misleading information to the public", which is regulated by Article 217 of the Turkish Penal Code, within the scope of the Censorship Law. He was called to give a statement on the grounds of the news he wrote and his posts on social media about the earthquakes that took place in Maraş on 6 February.

Koçer testified at the Diyarbakır Police Department.

On 9 February, the Media Freedom Rapid Response said that police attempted to prevent Koçer from interviewing an earthquake survivor while covering the search-and-rescue efforts in buildings destroyed by the seism.