Journalist Zeynep Kuray released under condition of judicial control

ANF journalist Zeynep Kuray, who was taken into custody at a vigil for ill prisoners in Istanbul, has been released under condition of judicial control.

ANF journalist Zeynep Kuray has been released after being held in Istanbul police custody for 24 hours. The release was ordered on Saturday by an on-duty court in the Çağlayan Palace of Justice, after being questioned by the public prosecutor's office. She was released on condition of judicial control.

Until a new decision is taken, Kuray will have to report to the police every month and is not allowed to leave the country.

Zeynep Kuray was arrested on Friday while covering the "Justice Vigil" organised by relatives of ill political prisoners in Istanbul. The journalist had been harassed by male officers and dragged with her hands tied behind her back from the square in front of the Palace of Justice where the vigil had taken place. The police also became violent towards two other media workers. In addition to Zeynep Kuray.