Journalists in Amed hold press conference in solidarity with their colleagues in prison

Journalists in Amed held a press conference in solidarity with their colleagues in prison.

Dicle Fırat Journalists (DFG) Association and Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform held a press conference in solidarity with their colleagues.

A banner saying "Free press cannot be silenced" was unfurled during the press conference, attended by journalists, Amed Labor and Democracy Platform members, political party representatives.

Speaking in a statement, MKGP Spokesperson Roza Metina said that journalists have been imprisoned for a month because of their work. Reminding that the blockade on the production companies where journalists work was lifted after 32 days, Metina drew attention to the ongoing unlawfulness.

Metina said: "Our friends were transferred to another prison after a few weeks since their detention. Six of our journalist friends were transferred to Diyarbakır No. 1 High Security Closed Prison, and six others to High Security Closed Prison No. 2. Of course, the unlawfulness did not end there. Journalist Ömer Çelik's letter was seized on the grounds that it was 'inappropriate'. The reason why it was deemed 'inappropriated' was that the letter was going to be published in the media. The letters of Mehmet Ali Ertaş, Zeynel Abidin Bulut and Serdar Altan were seized on the grounds that they 'continued their journalism activities'. As this was not enough, families who went to visit the journalists were strip searched."