Kati Piri: Political pressure on free media must not be allowed

Kati Piri of the Dutch House of Representatives spoke about the police raid on Stêrk TV and Medya Haber in Belgium and said: "Political pressure on the free press should not be allowed."

Former European Parliament Turkey rapporteur Kati Piri spoke to Erem Kansoy from Medya Haber TV. Piri criticized the police raids on Kurdish media studios in Denderleeuw on the night between Monday and Tuesday.

"Respecting the free press is very important," said Kati Piri, adding: "Around 30 thousand Kurds live in the city of Den Haag in the Netherlands, where I am located. It is the right of all Kurds to have a free media, and it is very important."

Kati Piri said: "Such a raid should not take place in the Netherlands. I hope that this should not be allowed in Belgium either. Political pressure on the free media should not be allowed. If such a step is being taken, this is definitely a sign that the situation is getting worse."

Piri added: "Press freedom is something we should all fight for. This is of great importance to the rule of law and human rights. In the Netherlands, we are trying to support radio and television organizations that can broadcast freely, especially for societies that cannot enjoy freedom of the press. I sincerely hope that the free Kurdish press will never experience anything like this again."