Lawyer of journalist Silêman Ahmed still denied visit to his client

Lawyer Nerîman Ahmet, who is part of the Silêman Ahmed defense group, said that they applied at least 10 times to see their client, but they were not allowed to see him.

There has been no news from journalist Silêman Ahmed, who was abducted by the KDP 40 days ago. The KDP prevents lawyers from meeting Ahmed.

Nerîman Ahmed, one of the lawyers of the journalist’s defense group, told RojNews Agency that they made at least 10 applications to meet with their client. However, all requests were rejected.

Nerîman Ahmed said: “Preventing our meeting with Silêman Ahmed is a clear violation of the law and lack of justice. If a person is accused of anything, he must meet with his lawyers and the lawyers must review his file."

According to Iraqi law, anyone detained has the right to have a lawyer. The person must not testify without a lawyer. Even if a person does not have a private lawyer, the state must appoint one.