Lawyers object to the decision to extend the detention period of journalist Evren

Lawyers objected to the decision to extend the detention period of journalist Kibriye Evren, who was taken into custody on Friday morning.

An objection was made to the detention of journalist Kibriye Evren, who was detained during a raid on her home on Friday morning and whose detention period was extended.

It was learned that there was a restriction order lasting 3 years on the file of journalist Evren, who was taken to Kocaeli TEM Branch on allegations of "membership in a terrorist organization" and "providing finance to the organization" for sending money to a friend who was in prison in 2021.

Evren's lawyer, Şule Recepoğlu, said in her objection to the Izmit Criminal Court of Peace through the Izmit Chief Public Prosecutor's Office that the file was separated and that there was a 3-year restriction order. In the petition, “Apart from the fact that my client was taken from an investigation in 2021, we also doubt the existence of evidence such as what kind of organizational activities she carried out within the scope of this investigation, and the concrete action alleged against her. An investigation, the contents of which are unknown, has continued for approximately 3 years. No action was taken against the applicant during this period. The inaction of the investigation authorities during this period raises serious doubts about the necessity of detention."

The petition stated that Evren was an editor at the JİNNEW agency and was known to the public, and added that the operation and investigation procedures were against the law.

The petition also said that "neither our client nor us, as her lawyers, understand what kind of causal link the serious accusation alleged against our client's identity as a journalist creates. In addition, no information was given to our client regarding the accusations against her. Nor was it given to us as her defenders.”

The petition requested that the arrest and detention decision be determined to be unlawful and that the documents in the file be given to the lawyers.

On the other hand, it was stated that 15 people were detained along with Evren. Those detained are being held at Kocaeli TEM Branch.