Multiple sentences issued to Eren Keskin

Co-Executive Editor of shut down newspaper Özgür Gündem Eren Keskin’s sentence of a 3.000 Lira fine has been approved by the Court of Appeals.

Sentences issued to Lawyer Eren Keskin, Co-Executive Editor of the Özgür Gündem newspaper shut down by a Statutory Decree (KHK), and Güler Özavcı, DBP’s Hazro Municipality Co-Mayor removed from duty after the trustee appointment in her place, have been approved by the Court of Appeals.

A court had sentenced Keskin and Özsavcı to 6 months in prison each for “openly insulting the institutions of the Republic of Turkey”, and Özavcı’s sentence was postponed for 5 years under condition of probation. Keskin’s sentence was turned into a 3.000 Lira fine.

The Istanbul Court of Appeals No.2 issued a verdict approving the sentence and said in the explanation, the accused “humiliated the security forces of the Republic of Turkey with articles”.


There are 143 active lawsuits against Keskin, who has been sentenced to a total of 355.920 Liras in fines to date, 104.920 Liras of which have been approved. There are other sentences of 250.000 Liras in fines and 12.5 years of prison time still at the stage of supreme court appeasement.