Photograph used as evidence in arrest of journalist Kartal

The only evidence for the arrest of journalist Sezgin Kartal, who was taken into custody on 10 January in Istanbul, was a photograph taken in 2004 that was not examined by any expert to check it had not been modified.

Karsi Mahallesi Correspondent Sezgin Kartal, who was taken into custody after a police raid on his house on 10 January - Working Journalists' Day - in Istanbul, was sent to prison by the Istanbul 8th Criminal Judgeship of Peace, after being held at the Vatan Security Directorate for 4 days, on the allegation of "membership in the PKK/YPG organization".

Blood sample taken

A blood sample was taken while Kartal, whose digital materials were confiscated, was taken while the journalist was in custody. According to the information obtained, the file, which is treated as confidential, was opened in 2020 as part of the investigation carried out by the Adana Chief Public Prosecutor's Office. As evidence for the arrest of Kartal on the grounds of "membership in a terrorist organization" more than 2 years later, a photograph was shown. The photo was taken in 2004 but was not examined by any expert to check whether it had been modified.

Kartal was also asked whether he worked at the Mezopotamya Agency during the interrogation. Kartal, who has been working as a journalist for 13 years, was arrested for membership in the PKK/YPG organization, pursuant to Article 100 of the CMK, which stipulates "strong suspicion", on the pretext of a photo taken in 2004.