Solidarity cards for journalists in prison to mark World Peace Day

MKGP and DGF sent solidarity cards to journalists in prison on the occasion of 1 September, World Peace Day.

Mesopotamia Women Journalists Platform (MKGP) and Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) sent peace cards to journalists in prison to mark 1 September, World Peace Day.

MKGP and DGF members gathered in front of the PTT in Amed's Ofis district and read a statement. Green Left Party Amed MP, Sevilay Çelenk, attended the event.

'Free press will continue to write'

MKGP spokesperson Roza Metina underlined that journalists, writers and human rights defenders are in prisons in a country where there is no democracy and law, and added: "No matter what government comes to power in Turkey, it first targets the free press. Today, thanks to the many laws passed by the government, it is not people who harm society that are arrested, but those who defend human rights and journalists. They are detained in prisons unfairly and unlawfully."

DFG co-chair Serdar Altan said: "The free press cannot be silenced, the free press will continue to write and speak out."

After the speeches, the journalists sent the cards they prepared to their prisoner colleagues.