YRA celebrates Kurdish Journalism Day

22 April, the date on which the first issue of the Kurdistan newspaper was published, in 1898, is celebrated as Kurdish Journalism Day.

Mîqdad Mîdhed Bedirxan started the publication of Kurdistan Newspaper, the first Kurdish newspaper in Cairo, on 22 April 1898. Due to the oppressive and censorship practices of the Ottoman administration, the Kurdistan Newspaper, which was forced to be published in Geneva, Cairo and London, continues to be the source of inspiration for the Kurdish press today.

The Free Press Association (YRA) based in North-East Syria released a statement on the occasion of the Kurdish Journalism Day, defining the publication of the Kurdistan Newspaper as the first brick in the history of the Kurdish press, and a new step for the people of Kurdistan.

The YRA remarked that the Kurdistan Newspaper paved the way for the publication of numerous newspapers and magazines, and enabled press associations to spread the civilization, history and culture of the Kurds.

Commemorating the victims of the free press, YRA wished a happy Journalism Day for all the journalists in North-East Syria, press members and the Kurdish people.