AKP-MHP government responsible for the death of Sabri Kaya

Ill prisoners Sabri Kaya died the very day he was eventually released from prison, after a real odyssey back and forward to hospital, thus confirming the fact that the AKP-MHP government does not care about prisoners and their lives.

Sabri Kaya lost his life the day he was released from prison at Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine Balcalı Hospital in Adana province in southern Turkey.

Kaya, whose heart was working 25 percent, suffered a heart attack and brain hemorrhage on March 25. Kaya was taken to the intensive care unit three times, but was said to be in "good condition", and sent from the intensive care unit to prison again.

Kaya was in a hospital in Osmaniye on Tuesday after a bowel hemorrhage last week. Two days ago he suffered another intestinal hemorrhage, after which he was transferred to a hospital in the neighbouring province of Adana.

Doctors on Thursday gave him only a slim chance of survival. "He is no longer able to react and is on the verge of death, say the doctors treating him. They too are waiting for a miracle," said Kaya’s lawyer Ilhan Güngör.

Kaya had undergone open-heart surgery twice during his detention (in 2013 and 2016).

On 25 March this year he suffered a heart attack and a cerebral hemorrhage. Since then he has been transferred to the emergency service of the Osmaniye State Hospital 21 times.

Many of his health problems occurred only after his arrest in 2010 and subsequent sentencing to life imprisonment on terrorism charges.