Another suspicious death in prison

Vedat Erkmen was imprisoned in Tekirdağ F Type Prison and died on Sunday night in suspicious circumstances.

Vedat Erkmen was serving an aggravated life sentence and 374 years in prison in Tekirdağ F Type Prison. He died suspiciously on Sunday night.

The prison administration rang his family and informed them that he had committed suicide in the cell he was being held in.

The prison administration also told the family that they tried to take Erkmen to the hospital, but he died while being taken to the hospital.

Erkmen's relatives in Istanbul set off for Tekirdağ with their lawyers.

'We do not accept this as a normal event'

Med TUHAD-FED, the Federation of Legal and Solidarity Associations for Families of Prisoners and Convicts, shared a post on its social media account.

They said: “We have received another sad news, this time from Tekirdağ F-Type Prison where Vedat Erkmen passed away. We do not accept these events as normal. We invite those concerned to fulfil their responsibilities. We will follow the case. Condolences to Vedat Erkmen's loved ones and family."