First episode of new TV series by Rojava Film Commune will air on 2 April

The first episode of the new TV series made by the Rojava Film Commune, Evîna Kurd, will air on Ronahî TV on 2 April.

The Rojava Film Commune ventured into the world of TV series and has recently completed a 15-episode series called Evîna Kurd.

The first episode of the new TV series will air on Ronahî TV on 2 April and a fragment has now been released.

The series is based on and recreates true stories. It focuses on the life of a family involved in the construction process of the Rojava Revolution in 2017-18, five years after the Revolution.

The shooting of the series started in May 2022 but it wasn’t easy. The crew had to stop working because of the attacks and threats by the invading Turkish state.

Ekin Roni and Adnan Ibrahim wrote the screenplay, while the Rojava Film Commune produced it. The direction of the series was given to Haşim Aydemir (who directed two remarkable movies, 24 July and, more recently, Blackberry Season) and Numan Yiğit.

This is the second TV series. The first, Tava Sor (Red Sun), was released in June 2022.