Hunger strike in Ereğli High Security Prison continues

Ill prisoners, who have been on hunger strike for 38 days to protest the isolation conditions and rights violations in Ereğli High Security Prison, are being held in single cells.

40 prisoners in Konya Ereğli High Security Prison in Konya have been on an indefinite and non-alternating hunger strike since 4 October to protest unprecedented rights violations.

As part of the protest, prisoner Yakup Brukanli from East Kurdistan set his body on fire on 28 October.

The demands of the prisoners have still not been met. On the contrary, it was reported two weeks ago that the prisoners were put in single cells.

In an open visit with his family, prisoner Mehmet İşiktaş stated that they have been held in solitary cells since 11 August.

İkiştaş said: "Prison authorities are not responding to any of our requests, we will continue the indefinite alternating hunger strike against this and we will continue to resist until the end for our demands to be fulfilled. Ill detainees have also requested a meeting with the prison for two weeks, but they have not received any response. If they do not accept their demands for a meeting within the next week, we will turn the indefinite alternating hunger strike into an indefinite non-alternating hunger strike.”