KCK calls for organized self-defense against attacks

KCK calls for self-defense against the racist attacks on Kurds in Turkey. A large part of the lynching attacks takes place organized, therefore the Kurds have to defend themselves also organized, says the KCK.

The Executive Council Co-presidency of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) released a statement on the racist attacks that have been targeting the Kurds in Turkey. The statement includes the following:

"In Turkey, Kurds who go to different places in the country for work or study have been subject to racist attacks for years. Most of the cases are lynching, while killings with knives or firearms are also often. A few months ago a Kurdish youngster was killed in Ankara because he was listening to Kurdish folk music. Recently, seasonal workers, including women and minors, have been attacked in Sakarya. Most recently, a young Kurd was murdered by racist mob in Afyon. Such attacks on Kurds have become the norm and ordinary in Turkey. The deaths, which would have serious consequences in many other places in the world, are increasingly considered normal in the Turkish state. while hundreds of Kurds have been murdered in such attacks, the perpetrators have not been punished.

After the murder of the young man in Ankara who was listening to Kurdish music, his family was pressured to make a different statement. The anti-Kurdish policy of the AKP/MHP government provides the basis for such attacks and encourages them. The effects of state-sponsored chauvinism make all Kurds potentially criminal in the eyes of Turks. Most Kurds are considered as terrorists. Since the government portrays the HDP as a terrorist organization on a daily basis, it has become normal for ordinary Turkish individuals to view the Kurds as the enemy. As long as the Kurdish struggle for freedom and democracy is labeled as separatism and terrorism, lynching and attempted killings will continue.

The fascist AKP/MHP regime prepares the basis for these attacks and incites them. A large part of the lynching cases and deaths defined as racist attacks are planned and carried out by the secret service organisations. This is meant to crash the will of the Kurds. The attacks are part of the policy of repression, control and genocide directed against the Kurdish society. They are deliberate and planned murders within the genocide policy. The Turkish people are made to attack Kurds in an organized way through incited chauvinism. The Kurds, who demand a free and democratic life with their own identity, language, culture and autonomous administration, are meant to be oppressed and intimidated in this way. They are meant to be made to bow to the genocide policy. With a few exceptions, these attacks are actions organized by the MIT and the police secret service.

In order to be able to defend themselves against these organized and planned attacks, the Kurds must also be organized everywhere and create their self-defense. The whole Kurdish people must realize that the attacks are planned and they must take their own measures against these. Undoubtedly, it is a permanent measure to defeat the AKP/MHP government and create a democratic Turkey and a free Kurdistan. In this regard, there must be a strong participation in the campaign to “smash fascism, establish democracy and secure justice” which was announced by KCK Executive Council on September 12. If the revolutionary-democratic campaign against isolation, fascism and occupation and for freedom develops strongly, these lynching and murders can certainly be stopped. Without smashing fascism and initiating democratization in Turkey, the attacks will not stop.

To be able to defend themselves, the Kurds must organize themselves in knowledge of the organized state policy of attack. It must be shown that the Kurds cannot be oppressed and made victims by these attacks. The attacks must be seriously questioned by the Kurdish people and made an occasion for education, organization and struggle.

We express our condolences to the family of the Kurdish youngster who was murdered in Afyon and emphasize once again that we will enhance our struggle for a Turkey where Kurds are not lynched and murdered, a free Kurdistan and a democratic Middle East. We call on all friends of the Kurdish people and all democratic forces to participate with broad forms of action in Kurdistan and Turkey in the campaign "Time to end isolation, fascism and occupation and to ensure freedom".