KCK to launch a revolutionary campaign on September 12

KCK to launch a revolutionary democratic campaign on September 12 under the motto “Stop Isolation, Fascism, Occupation; Time to Achieve Freedom”.

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) released a statement announcing that they will launch a campaign on September 12 to eliminate the existing dangers, to achieve a free and democratic life. The campaign under the motto “Stop Isolation, Fascism, Occupation; Time to Achieve Freedom” will contain Kurdistan, abroad and all the countries where the Kurds live according to the conditions of each place.

The KCK Executive Council statement includes the following:

“The Middle East based Third World War which began with Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait and the US military intervention with allies has continued for 30 years. During these 30 years, millions of people of all ages have been killed or injured and millions of others displaced. This war stil continues today with the participation of several actors. The war processes are growing longer as the capitalist imperialist countries are not directly taking part in battle because of the character of global capitalism, as was the case in the first and second world wars. The ongoing Third World War is also participated by local forces intensely.

The Turkish state ruled by the fascist AKP-MHP alliance is among the prominent actors taking part -directly or indirectly - in the Third World War ongoing in the Middle East. The AKP was brought to power in Turkey following the international conspiracy developed by the US against Leader Apo (Abdullah Öcalan) before a more comprehensive intervention in the Middle East. The US wanted to use Turkey, ruled by a political Islamist collaborative party, in its intervention in the Middle East. As the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state structure was planning to eliminate the PKK through the captivity of Leader Apo, the AKP with an Islamist character was given a role to reintegrate the Kurds into the genocidal and colonialist system. The September 12 fascist coup’s project to include political Islam into the system and complete the genocide against the Kurds, was thus handed over to the AKP government. When asked about the resolution of the Kurdish question in 2003, Tayyip Erdoğan answered that there would be no Kurdish question if it was not thought about, revealing the way the Turkish state and the AKP government treated the Kurdish question.


Till 2014, the AKP government waged a special war against the Kurdish freedom struggle using various ways and methods. However, once it was understood that the Kurdish freedom struggle could not be taken under control and eliminated through psychological and special war methods, a so-called Collapse Plan was prepared in 2014 summer and a decision was made at the National Security Meeting on 31 October 2014 to put it into practice. In response, Leader Apo presented a three-stage solution project to frustrate this plan. Democratic forces then formed an alliance and tried to make it operative in the politics of Turkey. Those who prepared the Collapse Plan first formed an alliance with ISIS against the Kurdish freedom movement. After the 7 June 2015 elections, they allied with the MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) and Ergenekon and launched an aggression to crash the Kurdish freedom movement. The AKP government, which wanted to ally with pro-Fethullah circles for the re-formation of the state based on the elimination of the Kurdish freedom movement through an inclusion of political Islam that emerged with the September 12 coup into the system, in 2014 it tended to shape the state on a political Islam basis together with the MHP and Ergenekon. The plan was to conduct the Collapse Plan basing on such an alliance and to complete the genocide against the Kurds.


It was not just an annihilation campaign against the Kurdish freedom movement that was launched with the Collapse Plan of 2014. At the same time, parts of Southern Kurdistan and Rojava were occupied on the basis of efforts to eliminate the Kurdish freedom movement with the ultimate goal of building a new pro-Ottoman hegemony on the lands where Ottomans had ruled once. The Turkish state, which had pursued a policy of its existing political borders till that date, changed its foreign policy with the Collapse Plan. The basic factor that led to this change of policy by the Turkish state is the fact that Kurds have grown into a force in all parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East. The struggle of the Kurds to gain their political and social freedoms by using their power amidst a disintegration of the system built in the First World War, would frustrate the Turkish state’s strategy to subject the Kurds to genocide and to make Kurdistan the expansion area of Turkish nation formation. In an effort to avoid the collapse of their genocidal policy, an annihilation campaign was launched against the Kurds. The objective was to commit a Kurdish genocide by taking advantage of the contradictions of various states in the Third World War, just like the genocide perpetrated against Armenians, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans, Pontus and the Greeks in Anatolia during the First World War. All Kurds must be aware of this truth in order to pursue a right policy and carry out a right struggle under the circumstances of the Third World War.

World wars and regional conflicts have always had a strong influence on determining the fate of peoples and territories. Kurdistan is located in the heart of the Middle East where the Third World War is taking place. The new political formation to be undertaken by Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will direct all the political, military, social, cultural and economic developments in the Middle East. In this regard, Kurds must act with great awareness in order not to end up in a genocidal and colonialist system as was the case after the First World War.

Making certain achievements in every part of Kurdistan, Kurds have increased their opportunity to gain a free and democratic life. However, there is the reality of a genocidal, colonialist Turkish state that is a pioneer in hostility against the Kurds and wants to annihilate all the Kurds through demographic change and cultural and physical methods. Defining the Treaty of Lausanne as a failure, it openly voices its desire and plan to rule in former Ottoman lands, with Kurdistan being in the first place. For this reason, the Turkish state does not only target the freedom struggle of our people in Northern Kurdistan. This truth is proved by the fact that it also carries out occupation operations against Rojava, builds dozens of military bases in Southern Kurdistan extending to the Mosul region, constantly bombards the Medya Defense Zones, Shengal, Maxmur and Shehrezor areas and tries to seize the most strategic mountainous terrains in Southern Kurdistan. In this sense, the policies and attacks of the Turkish state concern all the Kurdish people. At this stage, our people and political powers in all parts of Kurdistan should direct their attitude and struggle against the Turkish state. Neither a right policy can be pursued nor can a struggle to counter genocide be waged unless the Turkish state’s policies and attacks are seen as a matter of existence and nonexistence by the people of Kurdistan. This would result in conditions much more dangerous than the system built after the First World War.


The Turkish state, a pioneer in Kurdish hostility, bears a genocidal and colonialist mindset that was not possessed by the Ottoman Empire even. Unlike the period of the First World War, the Kurdish people, however, have gained a national consciousness, national democratic politics and an organized society. This is the first time their military organization and struggle capacity have reached this level. While the genocidal system imposed on the Kurds after the First World War was collapsing, Kurds gained a significant national, social, political and military power. On the other hand, the Kurds, who are described as “people without advocate” today are among the folks met with greatest sympathy around the world. The struggle of the Kurds grows stronger with the fact that they are paid close attention and exemplified as a folk with a democratic mindset, Democratic Nation perspective, women egalitarian character, ecological society and eco-industrial approach. Should the Kurds consolidate their unity, know the reality of enemy well, pursue a right policy and give an effective struggle, they have the opportunity to be the people to win biggest under today’s circumstances in the Middle East.

Leader Apo’s ideological-political line and his power as a leader have played a major role in the Kurdish people becoming a force in all parts of Kurdistan and the Middle East. Undoubtedly, other Kurdish political powers and our people in every part of Kurdistan have given great struggles at a heavy price. However, the PKK’s struggle in all parts of Kurdistan and its organization of the Kurds all around the world into the struggle, has enabled the Kurdish people to become an essential political, social and military force in the Middle East. Leader Apo’s women’s libertarian, ecological and democratic society paradigm has helped the Kurds gain a most contemporary ideological and political power and become the rising folk of the 21st century. The organized and resistant character of the Kurds, who are gaining strength on the line of Leader Apo, will frustrate the Turkish state’s plans and turn the Kurds into an indomitable power. If this growth cannot be prevented, this process will not only enable the achievement of a free and democratic life for the Kurds but also the democratization of the Middle East. In the face of this truth, the Turkish state went into action to eliminate the revolutionary and democratic line of Leader Apo by using any means possible. The KDP, treating the issue based on narrow interests of the party and unable to tolerate the fact that Leader Apo’s line is growing into the most effective force in Kurdistan, has established relations with various powers, the Turkish state in the first place, to make sure that this progress is pushed back. The US, which wants to shape the Middle East in line with its own interests in the ongoing Third World War, wants to weaken and inactivate the PKK. In this way, all the political powers that stand against the democratization of Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East, become partners in the elimination of the PKK. This truth also reveals for which reasons the aggravated isolation on Leader Apo is practiced.

The Turkish state is also used by various powers as the main force for the elimination of the Kurdish freedom movement. The KDP’s failure to see the Turkish state’s pioneering role in Kurdish hostility expresses a state of heavy negligence. This case has become a factor that weakens the Kurdish people’s struggle for freedom and democracy and exposes it to threats in four parts of Kurdistan. However, the policies of the genocidal Turkish state present a major danger for not only Northern Kurdistan and Rojava but also for Southern Kurdistan where the achievements made so far are under threat. Unless the entire Kurdish people confront the Turkish state in spirit of national unity, the Turkish state will take advantage of this fragmentation, expand its occupation in Southern Kurdistan and realize its policy to annex Mosul and Kirkuk at the earliest opportunity. This is not an assumption, but an objective openly and repeatedly expressed by the Turkish state authorities.

The fact that the Third World War is ongoing in the Middle East and Kurdistan stands at the center shows the existence of an intense political struggle on Kurdistan. The territory of Kurdistan being under a great war and political struggle is proven by Turkey’s genocidal attacks in Northern Kurdistan, its occupation in Rojava, the intense struggle in North-East Syria, the daily political and military struggle in Southern Kurdistan, the failure of coming up with a solution to the Kurdish question in Eastern Kurdistan and the Turkish state’s constant attacks on the Kurdistan freedom forces there. During the Third World War with a great political and social chaos, each political power wants to strengthen its own position and to end up advantageous in the new balances to be formed. This reality has become more notable for the Kurds who were exposed to genocide in the 20th century and have a great opportunity for emancipation in the 21st century. In this environment of intense war, the Kurds will miss this historic opportunity before them unless they pursue an effective policy, strengthen their self-forces and give a major struggle. In this regard, the Kurds today should be sensitive in all aspects and enhance the struggle with their national democratic unity based on increasing their struggle for freedom and democracy. Being a mere spectator to the conflict involving several forces in the Third World War will make a loss inevitable, let alone enabling further achievements and protecting those that have been made until today.


The genocidal colonialist Turkish state has formed its domestic and foreign policy based on war in an attempt to crash the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle, to subject the Kurds to genocide and to realize its genetic dream of being a great country under the circumstances of the Third World War. Basically, it pursues a policy of war against the Kurdish people everywhere. The Turkish state has become the main enemy of not only Northern Kurdistan but also all parts of Kurdistan. This reality necessitates a struggle against the Turkish state in all parts of Kurdistan. However, the attacks of the colonialist Turkish state have become a routine and it is not possible to confront it with fragmental struggles. If the Kurds in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad carry out a joint and parallel struggle, then the attacks of the Turkish state could be repelled, this aggressive genocidal colonialism can be defeated and the threat on the Kurdish people and the peoples of the Middle East can be eliminated.

Despite the fact that the Turkish state under the rule of the fascist AKP-MHP alliance is in a state of constant attack against the Kurds, the peoples and democratic forces inside the country as well as against the other parts of Kurdistan, other countries and peoples in the region, it does not have the power to accomplish a result with these attacks. On the contrary, the AKP-MHP government is weak inside the country and faces with a wide front outside. Having set out with the claim “zero problem with neighbors and in the Middle East”, it has ended up in conflict with each political power and state. Having long sought to sustain its ruling by means of war both inside and outside the country, it has made not only the government but the country as a whole face with dangers and risks. While trying to overcome its weakness inside and outside by means of the warfare, this policy has got to the point of bringing the AKP-MHP government to its end. Although it resorts to further blackmail and threat policy to get out of this situation, this method has been dragging the government to a deeper deadlock.


The AKP-MHP government is based on a weak ground inside and outside the country. However, it wants to use all the political, diplomatic, economic and social potentials of the country and to bring them to the market in order to achieve its objectives. If not confronted, it will increase its aggressiveness even more blatantly to strengthen its hand, commit a Kurdish genocide and increase its influence over the region.

With its aggressiveness, the AKP-MHP government wants to avoid a democratization and emancipation in Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East. However, once the Turkish state’s policy against democracy and freedoms is defeated, a major emancipation will be achieved in not only Turkey and Kurdistan but the entire Middle East territory. In this regard, the fight against Turkey constitutes a great and extensive struggle for democratization and emancipation. The Kurds have a great struggle capacity to win this struggle for democracy and freedom. With their ideological and political path, military and political forces, and with their friends in the Middle East and the world, Kurds have the opportunities to accomplish in this struggle. The democratic forces in Turkey and the Middle East have a serious background and popular support. The revolutionary and democratic force of the Kurdish people and the democratic forces in Turkey and the Middle East will definitively win once they direct their struggle against the Turkish state, a pioneer in hostility against the Kurds and democracy. This achievement will enable Kurdistan, Turkey and the entire Middle East become exemplary in democracy, freedom and all values.


There is such a historic opportunity before the Kurds and the forces of democracy in the Middle East. Kurds and the forces of democracy will come out with great gain in this creation process of the Middle East chaos. Our Executive Council and representatives of important organizations and institutions have gathered in such a process, comprehensively evaluated the opportunities, the opportunities of winning and dangers, and made important decisions. Within the framework of these decisions, in order to eliminate the dangers we face and to gain a free and democratic life in four parts of Kurdistan, abroad and in all countries where Kurds live, we will launch, on September 12, a revolutionary democratic initiative under the motto “Stop Isolation, Fascism, Occupation; Time to Achieve Freedom”.

The aim of this initiative is to overthrow the AKP-MHP-Ergenekon government, which has turned the system of torture based on aggravated isolation in Imralı into a systematic special war and psychological campaign against the Kurdish people, has spread the occupation and intensified pressures on the peoples, especially the Kurdish people, inside and outside of the country.

The isolation imposed on the Kurdish people’s leader on Imralı stands as a policy which is the source and embodiment of the attacks against the democratic forces in Turkey and the Kurdish freedom movement. From this point, the struggle against isolation and for the freedom of the Kurdish people’s leader has become the most concrete and direct struggle for democracy and freedom. This campaign means enhancing the struggle for Leader Apo’s freedom and improving and strengthening the freedom struggle against Kurdish genocide.

Considering the fact that Leader Apo’s ideological and political line is the key to the solution of problems in Kurdistan, Turkey and the Middle East, it becomes only evident that his freedom is essential for the achievement of democratization and freedom in Kurdistan, Turkey and the entire Middle East. In this respect, accomplishing results to this end will be among the greatest achievements of the campaign which will be developed in each part of Kurdistan according to its circumstances and specificities and success will be achieved accordingly.

On this basis;


Northern Kurdistan (Bakur) will be located in the center of the struggle and campaign against AKP-MHP fascism as it is faced with a fascist government that aggravates the problems in Bakur and Turkey and takes a hard line with the peoples and different faith groups, especially the Alevis. This government has stepped up its atrocities on the peoples of Turkey in order to carry out a genocidal policy in Kurdistan. It is not only hostile to democracy incase Kurds might benefit from it, but also exerts intense pressure on the democratic forces that support the Kurds’ struggle for freedom and democracy. As the fascist AKP-MHP government needed to exert the heaviest pressure on society to be able to stay in power, it trampled on all justice standards that had been created throughout the human history, and intensified the repression as never seen before to make sure that there exists no objection to its rule.

Courts do not comply with any measure of justice even in formality. In an unprecedented manner, they have been turned into a means of repression against the opposition. The sword swung above the heads of people in Turkey and Kurdistan is now the sworn carried by judges who don’t hold scales in their hands anymore, but swords to cut the throats of the opposition. Just like the President of Religious Affairs holding a sword in his hand, so do the judicial authorities in Turkey. In this respect, securing the justice is supposed to be one of the main dimensions of the struggle against fascism in Turkey for no struggle can be accomplished in a place where justice isn’t done. For this very reason, it is now inevitable to develop the struggle under the motto ‘stop fascism, build democracy, secure justice’ in Turkey.

It is of great importance to unify the struggle of the Kurdish people and Alevis and all democratic forces in Turkey. In this respect, it is crucial to reclaim the demands of the Kurdish people and the demands of Turkey’s peoples for freedom and democracy. Without doubt, democratic forces should also play their role in opposing the atrocity in Kurdistan and ensuring Leader Apo’s freedom. After all, it is not possible to improve the democracy struggle in Turkey or to achieve the democratization of the country without standing up for the freedom of the Kurdish people and Leader Apo.

It is seen even more evident with each passing day that women are the main force and freedom spirit of the democracy struggle in Turkey and Kurdistan. It is women who stood up for their freedom that has shaken the fascist AKP-MHP government the most during recent years and played a historic role in weakening fascism. While expanding this revolutionary democratic campaign in Bakur and Turkey, women’s organization and struggle will play its role as the most dynamic force of the initiative. It is very important to see this reality and to ensure the growth of the campaign with women’s movements. This campaign will not only end fascism but also enable the democracy and justice to be built in Turkey to have a character and spirit of women’s color.


The achievements in Southern Kurdistan (Bashur) are also under a grave threat. The achievements of the people in Bashur have been placed under lien with the military bases and occupation attacks of the Turkish state which has already expanded its attacks to all areas of Bashur. These attacks aim to crash the will of Kurdish political forces. With the excuse of the PKK presence, the Kurdish political forces in the region, as concretized in the KDP, are forced to be a party in the annihilation campaign against the PKK. The goal is to prevent the unity of the Kurds, to inactivate the PKK which is the most powerful Kurdish political and military force, to occupy all parts of Kurdistan and to turn these lands into the territory of Turkish nation building. In this respect, the main mission now is to end Turkish occupation in Bashur and to defend Kurdistan. The achievements of Kurdistan cannot be secured and Kurdistan cannot be defended and liberated without ending the Turkish occupation and eradicating Turkish military bases. It is now crucial to develop this campaign in Bashur in order to end occupation, to defend and completely free Kurdistan. For this reason, it stands as a historic mission before the people of Bashur to become one with other parts of Kurdistan during the course of the ‘Stop occupation, time to defend Kurdistan’ campaign’. With this campaign which will be carried out in all parts of Kurdistan, the occupation of the AKP-MHP fascism must be stopped and freedom must be achieved in all parts. The struggle must be enhanced with the campaign.


The campaign must be developed in Western Kurdistan (Rojava) under the motto 'Stop occupation, time to defend Kurdistan’  campaign. The campaign we will launch on September 12 is of great importance for Rojava Kurdistan and North-East Syria as much as it is for entire Kurdistan. While Rojava has already been subject to Turkish occupation, the Turkish state threatens to invade the entire Rojava territory, constantly voicing its desire to crush the Rojava Revolution through constant attacks. The Rojava Revolution can only be protected through resistance against occupation and struggle against AKP-MHP fascism in entire Kurdistan. The Rojava Revolution is not only supported by all the people of Kurdistan but also by all democratic forces, peoples, women and youth all around the world. Rojava Revolution draws its strength for struggle against occupation both from its popular democratic character and the support it draws from all of humanity. Once they ensure strong participation in this campaign, the people of Rojava will end occupation and gain the strength to protect the revolution. The occupiers are weak, whereas the Rojava revolutionaries are strong. For this reason, no military or political force will be able to prevent the end of this occupation. The occupation will be ended and Rojava Revolution will certainly be protected. On this basis, Rojava Revolution, the oasis of freedom in the Middle East, will enable the democratization of Syria and be the main inspiration in the democratization of the Middle East.


Our people in Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhilat) will develop the campaign under the motto ‘Stop executions, time for democracy’. The struggle against executions is a struggle to develop democracy on the basis of peoples’ fraternity in Iran. Once the mindset to suppress peoples’ freedom through executions is terminated, a great step will have been taken for democratization in Iran on the basis of peoples’ fraternity and a free Kurdistan. The Turkish state is the main enemy of the freedom struggle in all parts of Kurdistan today. Once the genocidal colonialist fascist mindset in the Turkish state is defeated, a great step will have been taken for the freedom of not only Bakur but all parts of Kurdistan, and all the obstacles before the democratization of the Middle East will have been removed.


Our people in Europe and abroad, under the lead of women and youth, will be the driving force of this campaign. Our people living in Europe and abroad stand as the primary component and supporter of our struggle in all parts of Kurdistan where the national democratic unity is concretized. They are the spokesperson and advocate of our people in the world. They have already played a great role in making the Kurds the most supported folk in the world today by overcoming the reality of ‘people without advocate’ through their organization and struggle. In this way, they became a significant part of our freedom struggle.  During this campaign under the motto ‘Freedom for Leader Apo, time to end genocide and occupation’  our people in Europe and abroad who have been fighting for Leader Apo’s freedom and against occupation will undoubtedly play their role for the accomplishment of this historic campaign.


Without a doubt, the guerrilla, the main force and engine of our Kurdistan freedom struggle, will join the campaign and play their role by inflicting blows to the genocidal fascist forces everywhere. The sacrificial resistance of our guerrillas against occupation in Heftanin and the blows they deal to the occupiers will become permanent during the course of the campaign. Playing their main role in ending occupations, they will develop resistance in Apoist spirit and get closer to Leader Apo’s freedom through their struggle. The guerrilla resistance will continue in an uninterrupted and self-sacrificing manner until Leader Apo and all parts of Kurdistan are freed. With their existence and struggle, the guerrilla will not allow the genocidal colonialism to achieve its goals and on this basis they will their historic role in the freedom of Leader Apo and Kurdistan and the democratization of the Middle East.


The brave women and youth of Kurdistan,

The women and youth of Kurdistan have repeatedly proved to be the leading force of the freedom struggle. The biggest role in this campaign falls on you. In the territory of Kurdistan where sociality was created with the hands of women, women have intensely participated in the freedom struggle and spiritedly revived the role women have played for humanity. Becoming the leading force of the Kurdish freedom struggle, they have grown into an exemplary model in freedom struggle for all women of the world. Kurdish women did not only cause the regression of the patriarchal mindset, they are also giving a great struggle against femicide. Women with spirit of freedom in the Kurdistan freedom struggle constitute the circle that wants the achievement of Leader Apo’s freedom, an end to occupation and femicide and liberation of Kurdistan the most. With this character, they will be one of the most effective forces in the process of liberation. They will play their historic role in the campaign and join the struggle on the frontlines.

The Kurdish youth, as the most dynamic and basic force of our struggle, will take an active place in all stages and actions of the campaign. As the anger of our people against genocidal attacks and occupation and the revolutionary striking power, the youth will play an active role in expanding the campaign street by street, square by square. It will be shown to the friend or foe that Leader Apo cannot be held in captivity, that Kurdistan cannot be occupied and that the Kurdish people cannot be subject to genocide.


The patriotic people of Kurdistan;

Just like the genocidal colonialist Turkish state aimed to crush the Kurdish people’s freedom struggle and subject the Kurdish people to genocide with the 12 September 1980 military fascist coup, the fascist government of AKP-MHP-Ergenekon alliance today aims to occupy not only Bakur but entire Kurdistan and eradicate the Kurds as a whole from the stage of history. This mindset, which perpetrated a genocide against Armenians, Assyrians, Syriacs, Chaldeans, Pontus Greeks and Circassians during and after the First World War, sees the Third World War as an opportunity for a Kurdish genocide and has increased its all-out attacks to this end. We are currently faced with an all-out aggression of genocide and annihilation. It is now an urgent and historic responsibility to counter this genocide with a revolutionary and democratic campaign. Just like Hayri Durmuş, Kemal Pir, Akif Yılmaz and Ali Çiçek resisted against the genocidal attacks in prisons after the 12 September 1980 military fascist coup with the 14 July great death fast, we today have a historic responsibility to stand up in the spirit of 14 July and to repel and defeat this genocidal aggression in each part of Kurdistan. On this basis, it is time to ensure strongest participation in the campaign in all parts of Kurdistan and everywhere we are with the ultimate goal to ‘End Isolation, Fascism, Occupation; Secure Freedom’.


Under the conditions of the Third World War where old balances come down and new balances come into being, the genocidal and colonialist Turkish state and all reactionary forces in the region are carrying out a planned and extensive genocidal campaign to prevent the Kurds from gaining a free and democratic life. To this end, pressures have been increased and occupations have been expanded. To protect the achievements in such a historic process, to make further achievements and to make the 21st century the century of the Kurds in the Middle East, it stands as a historic mission of all concerned Kurdish political forces to secure a Kurdish national unity and to give a joint struggle against the enemies of the Kurds. At a time when our people are faced with attacks against their existence as much as opportunities to win big, acting with the sense and responsibility of national unity will enable all parts of Kurdistan and all our people as a whole to achieve a great success.

On this basis, we call for strong participation in the revolutionary democratic campaign to be launched in all parts of Kurdistan through a development of a joint stand and struggle against occupiers and genocidal colonialists and expansion of the struggle to achieve a free and democratic life everywhere.


All the democratic forces in the Middle East;

The campaign-based struggle against the AKP-MHP fascist government, which attacks the peoples and democratic forces with the goal of new-Ottomanism and is the biggest obstacle before democratization in the Middle East, is at the same time the struggle of all Middle Eastern peoples for democracy and freedom.

We call upon you to join this revolutionary campaign of the Kurdish people and democratic forces which aims to crush the AKP-MHP fascism within the bounds of possibility. Once the AKP-MHP fascism is torn down, it will be ensured quicker to achieve your democracy and freedom objectives in your country and the Middle East.


All the oppressed and exploited peoples and democratic forces of the world;

The struggle against AKP-MHP fascism in Turkey is not a fight for the democratization of the Middle East alone. Once the Middle East is democratized, the worldwide struggle for democracy and struggle will grow stronger and accelerate. On this basis, we call upon you to join and support the ‘Stop Isolation, Fascism and Occupation; Time to Secure Freedom’ campaign of the Kurdish people and democratic forces against the AKP-MHP fascism.”