Kurdish political prisoners Moradi and Azizi, 8 months in Evin prison without trial

Kurdish political prisoners Warisha Moradi and Pakhshan Azizi have been detained in Evin prison for 8 months, without a trial.

Warisha Moradi, a member of the Free Women's Society of Eastern Kurdistan (KJAR), and Pakhshan Azizi, a Kurdish journalist and former political prisoner, are still detained in a state of uncertainty in Evin prison in Tehran.

Moradi, also known as Ciwana Sine, was charged with "armed insurrection" (baghi), punishable by death, and Azizi was accused of "membership in a group or organization aimed at an attack on national security.

The two Kurdish women were arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in August 2023.

The cases of Moradi and Azizi were transmitted to branches 15 and 26 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran, respectively. Concerns have been raised about the potential harsh sentences imposed on the two women.

Moradi and Azizi, arrested about eight months ago, are being held in Evin prison and there is no hearing in sight.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has learned that the two Kurdish women were denied access to legal representation from the time of their arrest until the issuance of the indictments and their referral to the Islamic revolutionary Tribunal.