Turkish attack kills two peshmergas in South Kurdistan

It was reported that two peshmergas were killed in the attack carried out by the Turkish state in Dinarte on the Akre border of Duhok in South Kurdistan.

The Turkish state bombed the village of Kafiya in Dînartê, in the province of Akre district of Duhok at around 6.45pm on Tuesday, 20 February.

While it was reported that two peshmergas died in the attack, no information could be obtained about the other two people with them.

It was stated that those who lost their lives were peshmergas named Arif Taha (61) and Beşir Ömer Ali (68).

The KDP did not make any statement, and the Kurdistan Regional government also remained silent.

Allegedly, the Peshmerga were bombed while they were working in their vineyards and gardens at the foot of Mount Sîyarê.

At least 152 civilians were killed, and 228 civilians were injured in the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against the territory of South Kurdistan since 2015.