Vengeance for Güneş: Turkish truck heading to Azaz destroyed

The left-wing guerilla alliance HBDH has claimed responsibility for a sabotage action against a truck that was on its way from Turkey to the Turkish occupied Azaz city in northwest Syria. The action was dedicated to the fallen commander Ceren Güneş.

The Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement (Halkların Birleşik Devrim Hareketi, HBDH) has claimed responsibility for an action carried out in the southern Turkish province of Adana.

According to the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' of the left-wing guerrilla alliance, a Turkish truck, which was loaded in the port of Mersin on 7 November and was on its way to the Azaz area in northwest Syria occupied by the Turkish army and jihadist groups, was sabotaged together with its load.

"Every form of support for the occupying forces and the jihadist gangs is a target for us," said the statement by the 'Ceren Güneş Vengeance Militia' and added; “All transports to the occupied territories - whether military goods, alleged aid or toys - are described by the HBDH as measures to normalize the occupation and cover up the massacres taking place”.

The statement continued: "The AKP and the gangs it feeds murdered young people in Suruç who wanted to bring toys to Kobanê. Now they are killing children with phosphorus bombs. They cannot wash off the blood on their hands by distributing twelve tons of toys to children before cameras. The children in the region occupied by tanks and grenades, who have their families scattered, their homes plundered, their future taken from them and get assimilated, do not need toys but the opportunity to live humanely and freely with their families on their land. What the Turkish state did to the Alevi children in the Dersim massacre and to the Armenian children in the Armenian genocide, it now repeats to the children of the peoples of Rojava".

The HBDH militia dedicated their sabotage action to doctor and commander Ceren Güneş (Özge Aydın), who died on 3 November defending Rojava against the Turkish invasion. Ceren Güneş marched on the path of those saying ‘Man lives and dies only once. Revolutionary people are those who do both right’, added the statement.