Women prisoners expose rights violations in Sincan jail

Pressures on political prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan jails continue to increase. Sick prisoners in Sincan Women's Closed Prison are not transferred to the hospital.

Families visiting female prisoners in Ankara Sincan Women's Closed Prison drew attention to the violations of their rights. Transferring the problems they experience through their families, the women in Sincan said that sick prisoners are not transferred to the hospital due to the coronavirus epidemic, and asked for the referrals of those with severe status as soon as possible.

It was emphasized that Pınar Timtik, who has a cyst in her brain, should go to the doctor periodically, while the prison administration is not sending her to the check using the Covid-19 outbreak as an excuse. It was pointed out that many prisoners with severe conditions were prevented from going to the hospital.

It was learned that the demands of the prisoners with chronic diseases were not fulfilled by the prison administration, and that another prisoner named Gülşen Adet should not stay in a humid room as she suffers from rheumatism. However, her application for room change was rejected by the prison administration.