A group of guerrillas in Werxelê puts up epic resistance

For over four months, a group of guerrillas in the battle tunnels of Werxelê has been mounting epic resistance and pushing back every attack with new tactics.

The Turkish army deploys hundreds of troops every day, uses chemical gases and drops bombs weighing a ton just to defeat a group of guerrillas in Werxelê. Despite all, a group of guerrillas is not only resisting, but also fighting back.

The Werxelê area in ​​Avaşîn has witnessed an uninterrupted and irregular wave of attacks and an epic resistance since June 7. The guerrillas who do not leave their positions despite ferocious attacks, are frustrating the Turkish state's invasion and annihilation plans in Medya Defense Zones. Having realized that it would not be able to occupy this area before autumn, the Turkish army started to use all kinds of weapons, chemicals and explosives. The army even started to use weapons and explosives that it had never used against the guerrillas before.

Especially since September 20, a new wave of attacks against the guerrillas has been ongoing in the Werxelê resistance areas. The explosives and chemical gases used against the battle tunnels had not been used in any previous operation or attack by the Turkish army. The explosions caused by these chemical gases can even be felt from a distance of several kilometres. This new onslaught shows that the Turkish army knows no more limits on savagery.

A video footage recorded by the guerrillas on October 2 shows the level of the destruction and brutality caused by the violent explosions since September 20. The footage also shows the explosives weighing at least 70 kilograms that the Turkish forces lower into the tunnels with ropes at the entrance of each tunnel.

These explosives, which are placed as traps and filled with chemical gases, are sent into the tunnels in order to prevent the guerrillas inside from going out and organizing a counter offensive. However, the guerrillas have managed to destroy these explosives dozens of times and take them out of the tunnels.

The guerrillas in Werxelê are putting up epic resistance by frustrating each new attack with new tactics. It is only a group of guerrillas that resists hundreds of Turkish soldiers each day and chemical gases. Yet, they repulse all these attacks as they fight for their honour.