Footage shows use of chemical gas by the Turkish army in Avaşîn

Video footage by guerrillas shows the use of chemical gas by the Turkish army against the battle tunnels in Werxelê area of Avaşîn region in guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Apart from fighting the Turkish army, the guerrillas are making history by shooting each day of the resistance with their cameras and writing diaries.

The Turkish army has been using chemical weapons and poisonous gas since June 8 when it launched a military operation in the Werxelê area. The guerrillas in the Avaşîn region are recording moments when Turkish troops use chemical weapons against the guerrillas resisting in the Werxelê battle tunnels. The smoke of poisonous gases coming out of the tunnels is clearly visible in the video recordings.

The Turkish army, which received serious blows in the first days of attacks on the Werxelê battle tunnels, have not been able to approach the positions where the guerrilla forces are positioned for almost two months. Explosives and chemical gases sent into the tunnels with ropes are just a few examples of the Turkish army’s war crimes in this area. During this two-month period, chemical gases were used about 100 times against the Werxelê battle tunnels, and hundreds of explosions were observed in those tunnels. Despite all this, the Turkish forces could not break the resistance of the guerrilla.

The guerrillas who recorded the events in the battle tunnels say that the Turkish army have used all kinds of chemical gases against these tunnels. The destruction caused by the explosions in the area where the tunnels are found is visible in videos recorded by the guerrillas at the scene.