Body of HPG guerrilla handed over to his family after 2 years

The body of Tolhildan Hîzan (Mahsum Yılmaz), an HPG guerrilla who was martyred in Garzan 2 years ago, was received by his family.

The body of Mahsum Yılmaz (Tolhildan Hîzan), an HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrilla who was martyred along with Şoreş Ronî and Serhildan Garzan in a clash in Garzan on 23 November 2021, was received by his family.

After the DNA sample given by the family about a year ago matched, the family travelled from the Hizan district of Bitlis to Malatya today. The family went through the necessary procedures at the Malatya Chief Public Prosecutor's Office to receive the body and then went to the Malatya cemetery to wait for the body to be exhumed from where it was buried. The body was handed over to the family after an excavation that started only after 17.00.

After receiving the body, the family travelled to Hizan for reburial. The body will be buried in the village of Gayda.