Civilian killed in Turkish airstrike in South Kurdistan laid to rest

Aziz Muhammed Resul, who was killed in the air attack carried out by the invading Turkish state yesterday, was buried in the village of Qeşan near the district of Mawet.

Warplanes belonging to the invading Turkish state bombed a civilian group of people on Friday near Mount Asos in the village of Gelale, near the town of Sarbajêr in Sulaymaniyah. In the attack, Aziz Muhammed Rasul was killed and 5 other people were injured.

Resul was buried in the village of Qeşan, near the town of Şarbajêr, after religious obligations were fulfilled late on Friday night.

The condition of one of the injured, who was taken to the Qeladiz Hospital, was said to be serious.

The 5 injured people have been named as follows: Muhammed Qadir Axa, Kiwêxa Muhammed Elî, Zana Muhammed Elî, Seîd Muhammed Resul and Salih Qadir.