Delegation from Bakur meets with intellectuals in Bashur

A delegation of political parties and civil society organisation from Bakur is in Bashur to hold talks with intellectuals to promote Kurdish national unity.

On Saturday, a delegation of several Kurdish parties and civil society organisations from Bakur (North Kurdistan) met in the Southern Kurdistan metropolis Sulaymaniyah for public relations work for Kurdish national unity. In this scope, a meeting will take place in the Dawa Hotel with the participation of numerous intellectuals, artists, academics, representatives of the political parties and well-known personalities in Bashur (South Kurdistan). Last week in Sulaymaniyah, there was a first meeting on party level. Yesterday, the delegation visited the refugee Maxmur Refugee Camp which is isolated from the outside world.    

The opening speech was delivered by Müzeyyen Güneş, the co-chair of the HDP representation in Hewlêr (Erbil). The politician emphasized that the unity of the Kurds is the most important necessity for the future of the Kurdish people and named the goals of the event.

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Congress (DTK), Berdan Öztürk stated that the Kurdish national unity should be the most important item on the Kurdish agenda. "It is a matter for the whole society and not only parties should deal with it. All levels of society must be involved in this process."

After further speeches, the participants of the meeting discussed visions and perspectives for the construction of Kurdish unity. Linguist and politician Mihemed Emîn Pêncwînî focused on the Turkish occupation attacks in all parts of Kurdistan and pointed out that the developments in Bakur will have negative effects on the other Kurdish populated areas in the region.

The Gorran (Change Movement) politician and former Iraqi Member of Parliament Serdar Abdullah addressed Turkey’s vision for the year 2023 - one hundred years after the founding of the Turkish Republic by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The project of Turkey under the lead of Erdoğan includes, among other things, an extension of Turkey's national borders in accordance with the Misak-i Milli National Pact, including Mosul and northern Syria. "The basis for the dreams of Erdoğan is Kurdish genocide. The only answer to this can only be our unity,” he said.

Forran former MP Peyman İzeddin highlighted the partition in Bashur and said Kurdish national unity must start from there.

Islamic Yekgurti MP and KNK member Ebubekir Heledni called fort he KDP, PUK and PKK to fulfill their responsibilities for unity.