Derin peshmergas support human shield action in Bradost

A group of Derin Peshmergas visited the human shield activists in Bradost.

The human shield actions led by the Kurdistan Patriotic Youth Movement on June 14 against the invading Turkish state’s attacks against South Kurdistan (Bashur) continue on day 18 in Qandil and on day 8 on Bradost.


A group of South Kurdistan veteran group Pêşmergeyên Dêrîn (Derin Peshmergas) from the Soran region visited the human shield activists in Bradost and were received by the youth.

The Derin peshmergas called for support for the human shield action launched in the Bradost region, and the human shield activists said they draw strength and morale from the peshmergas’ visit.

Many Derin Peshmergas in Raperin, Sulaymaniyah, Germiyan and Qandil voice their protest against the invasion and support actions everywhere.