Five killed in air strike on village in southern Kurdistan

Five people were killed in an air strike on a car near Sulaymaniyah in southern Kurdistan, including the head of the village of Tuleqel. According to security sources, the attack was carried out by the Turkish army.

Five people were killed and one person was injured in an air strike near Sulaymaniyah in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) on Saturday. As reported by the RojNews news agency, the village of Tuleqel in the Chamchamal district was bombed three times at 6:30 a.m. local time. A car was hit, apparently containing six people. Two of the dead were residents of the village. Aram Haci Kake Xan was the village head of Tuleqel, and the second victim has been identified as Ismail Ibrahim.

While the identities of the other dead and injured are not yet known, the bodies have since been recovered. A source in security circles told RojNews that the attack was carried out by the Turkish Air Force.