Footage from guerrilla action that killed 30 soldiers in Heftanin

The revolutionary guerrilla operation left at least 30 Turkish soldiers dead and more wounded.

In mid-September, Heftanin State Command announced the launch of “Cenga Heftanin” [Battle of Heftanin] Campaign in response to the invasion operation launched by the Turkish army against Heftanin region of Medya Defense Zones in on August 23. Guerrilla forces continue to hit Turkish forces since, with the historic resistance having reached an upper stage since the launch of the campaign.

Gerîla TV published footage from an action carried out by guerrillas against Turkish military forces in Heftanin region at around 14:00 on October 25, to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Şehid Beritan (Gülnaz Karataş).

In the revolutionary operation led by YJA Star forces, guerrillas targeted the hills of Konferans and Siser from eight directions, according to the statement of the People’s Defense Forces Press Office (HPG-BIM).

The emplacements and shelters of the Turkish forces were put under intense fire and infiltrated. 7 emplacements and 2 shelters were completely destroyed on Konferans hill, and one shelter on the Siser hill.

Guerrillas brought down the emplacements of Turkish forces, leaving at least 30 soldiers dead and more wounded.

HPG-BIM added that the extensive revolutionary operation was followed by a random bombardment of the Turkish army with mortars, howitzers and heavy weapons.