Gerîla TV releases another footage of the revolutionary operation in Zap

The online portal Gerîla TV released another footage of the revolutionary guerrilla operation carried out in the region of Zap in northern Iraq in January.

On 12 January, guerrillas of the HPG (People’s Defense Forces) and YJA Star (Free Women’s Troops) carried out the Şehîd Helmet Dêraluk Revolutionary Operation in the Zap region of the guerrilla-held Medya Defense Zones in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). At least 61 invaders were killed, 4 invaders were wounded, dozens of weapons and military equipment were confiscated and all the rest were destroyed by fire in the revolutionary operation.

Gerîla TV has published another video of the operation. The two-and-a-half-minute clip is just one part of the video accompanying the operation in the Girê Amediyê Resistance Area. The entire video documentation of the operation will be published on 11 January.

The spectacular operation was named after Helmet, a guerrilla fighter from Dêreluk who had fallen in December.