Guerrilla Ronahi: We will win in Heftanin, whatever the price

The resistance carried out by the guerrillas continues in Heftanin. Guerrillas are repelling the attacks of the invading Turkish state.

Sara Ronahi is one of the guerrillas involved in the Heftanin resistance. She has been in Heftanin for a long time and assessed the attacks of the Turkish state and the resistance of the guerrillas.

Guerrilla Ronahi said that the Turkish state has not been able to take control of the area since the invasion attacks launched against Heftanin. She added that the village guards sided with the Turkish soldiers during the invasion operation. However, she said, the enemy had to withdraw following every action carried out by the guerrillas.

"The Turkish state is attacking the guerrilla almost every day. They are attacking the guerrilla with all their means, but they cannot be successful,” she said.

Guerrilla Ronahi added: “Guerrilla friends are fighting heroically against aircraft and cobra and do not allow the Turkish state to drop its soldiers on the field. The guerrillas do not allow the invaders to pass through. Our achievements against the invaders are thanks to friends who fought heroically and fell martyrs. Martyr friends resisted in Heftanin and handed over the flag of resistance to us. We will act in a way worthy of the martyrs."

Guerrilla Ronahi also touched on the stance of the guerrillas who fell martyr during the resistance of Heftanin. "The martyred guerrillas joined life with self-sacrificing spirit. We take our place in Cenga Heftanin to fulfil the will of our martyred friends, Mazlum, Zelal, Rêzan, Peyman, Rüstem. It is our duty to continue from where they left off. Participation with the spirit of the martyrs will frustrate the plans of the enemy who will never breathe easily. We will end with victory."

Guerrilla Ronahi also took part in the clashes in Pirbula. "It is very difficult to tell about those friends. Lastly, we were in Pirbula with martyrs Mazlum, Ferman, Warshin and Sorxwin. They are the heroes of Pirbula war. Heval Warshin and Sorxwin fought at close range with the enemy and fell martyr. They fought before anyone else on the front line so that nothing would happen to their friends. Heval Mazlum and Ferman were great heroes. They had a heroic stance not only while reaching their martyrdom, but also in their life. They were with friends everywhere. They were fulfilling their roles and missions in life. They were also leading figures in war."

Guerrilla Ronahi said that she fought together with Martyr Mazlum for the last 5 years. "Martyr Mazlum was my commander. He taught us how to sacrifice ourselves, how to live the life of the PKK correctly, what the necessities of war are all about. He told us, 'Before the organization tells you, you need to know what to do and do it yourself.’ It taught us how to attack the enemy and how to defend ourselves. It led us in every sense. Heval Ferman was like this too. We live and fight with their love and companionship.”

Guerrilla Ronahi ended her remarks by saying: “Our slogan for Cenga Heftanin is ‘This is Heftanin’. The enemy can come to Heftanin, but cannot return from there. Our goal is clear. This is the land of Kurdistan; we are ready to pay whatever the price. But the Turkish army and village guards will never survive Heftanin. Heftanin will be their grave."